Kleresca Acne Treatment
Kleresca Acne Treatment

Lumixa fluorejuvenation

Lumixa treatments are intended for the prevention and correction of inflammageing and intrinsic ageing signs.

What is Inflammageing

What results can you expect?

Lumixa treatments utilise an innovative technology called Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE), which allows to enhance and maximize the results of blue LED light treatments, thanks to:

Photobiomodulation: stimulation of biological processes and skin’s the own regeneration mechanisms.
Hyperpulsed light: cellular interaction superior to conventional LED light.
Polychromatic light: covers a very wide spectrum of wavelengths, therefore interacting with different receptors in the epidermis and dermis.
Steady State FLE: constant fluorescence which interacts with the skin continuously during the treatment session.

How to utilise FLE?

A gel containing a fluorophore with a specific energy profile for each indication is applied.
The gel remains on the skin surface and is not absorbed.

The gel is activated with the use of a blue LED lamp emitting wavelengths between 415 and 465 nm. Please follow the Instructions For Use of the light source.

The gel performs a photoconversion which transforms the blue LED light into an FLE spectrum.

The standard protocol is 1 weekly session for 5 weeks. It can be customized depending on patient's needs and desired outcomes. The two indications can be combined with each other for a more targeted approach.

Main benefits and advantages of Lumixa Steady State FLE


1 "Fluorejuvenation”: stimulation of regeneration mechanisms
2 “Skin gym“: reinforces natural defence mechanisms
3 Natural glow enhancement
4 Anti-redness effect
5 Stimulation of collagen production


1 Non-destructive
2 Non-systemic
3 Non-photosensitising, can be used even in summer
4 Painless
5 Little to no downtime
6 Treatments conducted quickly by in-clinic staff or therapists
7 Can be combined with other treatments

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