Kleresca Acne Treatment
Kleresca Acne Treatment


How inflammation leads to ageing

The expression "inflammageing" refers to a continuous, low-level and asymptomatic inflammatory process associated with ageing.

This inflammatory response can gradually cause damage to skin tissues through:

• dehydration
• skin matrix weakening
• collagen and elastin degradation
• skin barrier impairment
• solar lentigo

Skin matrix weakening

Fibroblasts: cells that synthesize the support structure of the skin. They produce two main proteins:
Collagen: an essential component of the skin that provides structural support.
Elastin: gives elasticity and tone to the skin.

Collagen, together with elastin is responsible for the texture and elasticity of the skin.
Scientific studies show that as soon as we become adults, the overall percentage of collagen decreases by about 1% per year.
Degradation of collagen causes wrinkles and skin ageing.

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