About skin quality and ageing
About skin quality and ageing

About skin quality and ageing


Skin structure

Fibroblasts play a key role in the skin ageing process.
They synthesise the supportive structure in the skin, producing two main proteins: collagen and elastin.


Young, healthy skin


Aged skin: as the skin ages, collagen and elastin degenerate and fibroblast activity is reduced.


Mature skin: after significant degeneration.


Fibroblast - fibroblasts produce collagen, which is the major structural protein in the skin.


Elastin - fibres that are loosely arranged in all directions in the dermis and provide elasticity to the skin.


Collagen - fibres that make up a majority of the intra-cellular matrix of the dermis and impact the skin’s toughness and strength.

Skin ageing factors

Different factors affect skin ageing


CHRONOAGEING (INTRINSIC AGEING) • Volume loss • Texture alteration • Dryer skin


PHOTOAGEING (DUE TO SUNLIGHT) • Elastic tissue degeneration – sagging • Pigmentation disorders – lighter skin & blemishes


MECHANICAL AGEING (EXPRESSION LINES) • Forehead transversal wrinkles • Glabella lines • Crow’s feet • Upper lip lines

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