through fluorescent light energy


FB Dermatology develops and markets a unique biophotonic technology that stimulates the skin’s own repair mechanisms through fluorescent light energy.


At FB Dermatology, we are pioneering the use of biophotonic technology to stimulate the skin’s own repair mechanisms through fluorescent light energy. Our technology is indicated for both therapeutic and aesthetic use.


Through scientific progress and tailored partnerships with clinics and universities around the world, we insist on creating a new gold standard within the field of dermatology for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Professional experience with Kleresca®

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We’ve asked both doctors and patients what they think about Kleresca®

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Kleresca® has a global approach for photorejuvenation, so I think in a few years Kleresca® will become the new gold standard for natural results without risk.

Dr. Antonio PulvirentiItaly

It seemed like my skin recovered those four weeks. It looked repaired. It just felt good. I went out without makeup on for the first time in seven years.

Jackie, rosacea patientDenmark

The outcome is very satisfying and patients are very happy about that. The six patients I treated had clearing of all the lesions in terms of numbers of lesions and in terms of severeness of inflammation.

Prof. Steven Paul NisticòItaly

I suffered from really bad acne. I was feeling quite down and very self-conscious about my skin. Nothing seemed to work. Kleresca® was really comfortable and I saw an improvement in my acne in just a few weeks. My skin looks and feels great!

Natalie, acne patientAustralia