Through Biophotonic Technology

Changing Dermatology

We are Relevant

By focusing and articulating new treatment forms of skin conditions that the general public can relate to, such as Acne.

We are Cooperative

Not only when it comes to selling, but when interacting with patients and clinics through partnerships, dialogue and mutual respect. Activities will be carried out not according to a predefined plan, but according to the needs of the patients, consumers and clinics.

We are Agile

Market development, marketing, communication and continuous development will need to be conducted in a very agile manner. This places requirements on internal infrastructure, dynamic work-setting, operational flows and quality systems.

FB Dermatology at a glance

FB Dermatology, known in the market as Kleresca, is built on the strong heritage from LEO Pharma and KLOX Technologies, who have together introduced the science of biophotonics in the dermatology field since 2015. Our current focus is to bring to market our novel patented technology, biophotonics, which harnesses the power of light by a using unique multi-LED light in conjunction with a photo-converter gel, resulting in a PhotoBioModulation and normalization of the skin.

Our new technology has shown, both in clinical trials and in real life, that we can help patients treat Acne Vulgaris, while also improving the texture of their skin with a separate Skin Rejuvenation solution.

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